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Patrick McGoohan conceived and starred in The Prisoner in a series that aired between 1967 and 1968 and ran for 17 episodes. Ahead of its time, it has been and continues to be a cult series and totally current.

The series begins with the resignation of the protagonist to the position of him, within the British secret service. He, returning to his apartment, plans to quickly leave the place and go far away, but he is surprised by a numbing gas and is taken to a mysterious coastal town called La Villa. There, he will be assigned number 6 and will try to escape in every possible way while he tries to find out who is number 1 and if it is this who runs the Village.

It is curious that fiction connects with reality in an almost insulting way since Patrick McGoohan was tired of shooting Danger Man, the series in which he was the protagonist, and he needed a change. He played the role of John Drake for 4 seasons with a total of 86 chapters and in the end it was a slab that he wanted to get out of.

How to play:

We are in front of a classical text adventure. The keyboard is the means with which we must carry out our actions and the game will place us in the vicinity of Torreoscura. The text will tell us what happens and we must  find out what is hidden behind all this mystery.

  • To move through the mapping we can use the cardinal points, N, S, E, W, UP or DOWN. We can also do it with: GO + DESTINATION, such as GO CHURCH.
  • To perform the actions we have to use VERB + OBJECT. An example would be OPEN UMBRELLA or GET BOOK.
  • The most common verbs are: GET, TAKE, SPEAK, OPEN, CLOSE, USE, GO, PUSH, PULL, GIVE, WAIT, UP, DOWN, EXAMINE ...
  • To end the game: END.
  • To pass / wait a turn: WAIT.
  • To see the credits: INFO.
  • To view the help screen: HELP.
  • To save a game to disk or tape: SAVE.
  • To load a game from disk or tape: LOAD.
  • To re-describe a screen: LOOK or R.
  • To examine an object: BROWSE or EX.
  • Use a Disc Drive or Datassete to save your game.


  • Idea & Story: Bieno
  • C64 Version: Bieno
  • ORIC Code: Bieno + Chema Enguita + DOM
  • GFX: Ebony + Bieno
  • Music: Baron Ashler
  • Tape Cover: Josepzin
  • Testing: Rockersuke + Miguel Sky + Nich Campbell

The TAP of the C64 version belongs to the Power Pack that came on the Commodore Format 63 tape.


© ITC Enternainment 1967/68

© Commodore Plus 2013

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AuthorCommodore Plus
TagsCommodore 64, oric, Text based


The Prisoner C64 Game + Extras.d64 170 kB
The Prisoner (C64).tap 405 kB
The Prisoner ORIC.dsk 250 kB
The Prisoner C64 Tape Inlay.pdf 888 kB
The Prisoner ORIC Tape Inlay.pdf 402 kB
The Prisoner Map.pdf 118 kB
The Prisoner - A letter by David A. Stimpson 189 kB

Install instructions

The D64 file can be run on a Commodore 64 or use an emulator: VICE

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