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My name is Morrissey and I am the former lead singer of The Smiths. I formed the group in 1984 with Johnny Marr and later Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke joined us. On our backs we have experienced 6 albums and countless singles intensely and lately we have had internal problems that, together with the distance between us, the gossip musical and sensationalist press and our little ability to solve internal problems, put an end to this stage in our lives. In this year 1987 the group dissolves and each one must follow their own path, with no intention of ever playing together again.
With The Smiths the bar has been set high and now, having to focus on my solo career, I will have to work hard to live up to it and not disappoint anyone.
I have to move and the first thing will be to talk to Gail Colson, my new manager. We are about to start recording my first solo album and we need to catch up.

The characters:

  • Steven Patrick Morrissey 'Moz' is the ex-singer of The Smiths and the character we will take during the adventure.
  • Gail Colson is my manager and the person who should help us redirect our career after the breakup of the group.
  • Geoff Travis is the owner of the Rough Trade record label, which published the music of The Smiths.
  • Stephen Street is a producer and a very prolific and valued musician in the English indie scene.
  • Vinny Reilly is the ideologue of Durutti Column and a genius with the guitar.
  • Andrew Paressi is a multi-functional artist who accompanied Morrissey at the start of Morrissey's solo career.

How this adventure works:

  • To move: GO + Location. For example: GO YARD.
  • EXAMINE or EX is used to see something or someone in particular.
  • LOOK or R is used to get an overview of the location.
  • HELP shows us instructions similar to these.
  • INFO shows us the credits of the game.
  • SCORE informs us of the steps taken and the percentage completed.
  • LOAD or SAVE allows us to save our game on tape or floppy disk and then recover it.
  • The most common actions are: GET, DROP, GO, FLY, VISIT, USE, TALK, EXAMINE, GIVE, DIG, RAISE, LOWER, PUSH, PULL, CUT...


  • As in life, it is important for the adventure to interact with the people around you.
  • Do not stop examining anything or anyone.
  • Make you a map. It is not vital but it can help us to situate ourselves in the game.


  • Idea, story, programming & graphics: Bieno.
  • Music: Narcisound.
  • Extra code for c64 version: Karmic .
  • Extra code for the ORIC version: Chema Enguita + DOM.
  • Thanks to Team Kali for their constant support and help.
  • Thanks to Stephen Wright & Elweezo for the original images.

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  • Go to THIS link for more info about The Smiths.
  • Go to THIS link for more info about Morrissey.

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The Smiths are Dead c64.crt 64 kB
The Smiths are Dead c64.prg 28 kB
The Smiths are Dead ORIC.dsk 500 kB
The Smiths are Dead ORIC.tap 25 kB
The Smiths are Dead Poster.png 601 kB
The Smiths are Dead Tape Inlay C64.pdf 427 kB
Game map 3 kB

Install instructions

The D64 file can be run on a Commodore 64 or using an emulator: VICE
ORIC users can also execute the game from a computer or from an emulator: ORICUTRON.


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A short and beautiful game. Thanks for the originator

Thanks for playing it !

this game is not easy ioi

If you get stuck, you can ask me for a clue by email: commodoreplus@gmail.com

thank u, i really need it!


this is wonderful


I like The Smiths.


Cool! I can't believe I missed this on release!


Interesting, might check...